Mediterranean Falafel Bowl


Mediterranean cuisine is one of my favourites, as it includes many nutritious foods, like good quality oils, fragrant herbs and spices, an array of vegetables, protein-rich legumes and whole grains, meats and fish. The dishes are usually vibrant, lean and full of flavour. This Mediterranean-inspired recipe features falafels, Baba Ganoush dip, two different vegetable salads,… 

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Pumpkin Muffins with Cream Cheese Filling and Butter Pecan Crumble


It’s the week of Halloween and pumpkin season is in full swing. What better way than to start your day with a festive muffin? These muffins are super moist and perfectly spiced, great for a delicious breakfast or mid-day snack. The muffin batter is made by using healthier alternatives, like whole-wheat and quinoa flour, natural… 

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