Tomato Shrimp Polenta


 Need a dish to impress your guests? This is the one. Sautéed diced tomatoes, infused with vermouth, garlic and parsley, with succulent shrimp, overtop a bowl of creamy polenta. To die for! This is such a quick and easy meal to prepare, that screams gourmet. Polenta is such a versatile food that can be used in… 

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Rustic Raspberry Pie


I was on the fence about posting this raspberry pie recipe for a number of different reasons. First, I want to mention that it’s not a great idea to start baking at 8 o clock at night, if you’re expecting to take marvelous food photos after. All food bloggers know that photographing your food at… 

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Potato Leek Soup


There is something incredibly comforting about a hearty, vegetable soup with simple ingredients. This is my version of potato and leek soup. When vegetables are blended, a creamy consistency is achieved without the needed use of cream. This is ideal for creating healthier, leaner meals. Potatoes, especially when hot, blend in seconds. Over-blending will result… 

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Matcha Green Tea Protein Shake


Hello again. Sorry for the break in posts for the past 2 months. I’ve taken a bit of a blogging hiatus to focus on school. Finally, I have completed all 12 of the required case studies for my holistic nutrition program. Now it’s time to prepare for the final exam. The end is near! Soon… 

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No Churn Chocolate Ice Cream


This is a simple recipe to show you how to make ice cream with a high-powered blender that’s ready in just minutes, using whole, natural ingredients. The delicious result is full of flavour, with a texture that resembles a cross between rich chocolate ice cream and chocolate sorbet. Traditional ice cream is made with a… 

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