Pumpkin Muffins with Cream Cheese Filling and Butter Pecan Crumble


It’s the week of Halloween and pumpkin season is in full swing. What better way than to start your day with a festive muffin? These muffins are super moist and perfectly spiced, great for a delicious breakfast or mid-day snack. The muffin batter is made by using healthier alternatives, like whole-wheat and quinoa flour, natural… 

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Pumpkin Gnocchi with Garlic, Butter and Sage


Gnocchi are Italian dumplings, usually made from potatoes or Ricotta cheese, that resemble soft, little pillows. In this case, the gnocchi are made with pumpkin purée, a fall-friendly rendition, made with a rustic, browned butter, garlic and sage sauce. Crispy sage, fried garlic, and toasty, brown butter is a lovely rustic dressing for pumpkin gnocchi,… 

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Rustic Holiday Stuffing


Here in Canada, we just celebrated Thanksgiving, but for all you Americans out there, this holiday is quickly approaching. Before you know it, the festivities of Christmas will be in full swing and we all know we could all use a good stuffing recipe. Regardless of what holiday or occasion it is, this traditional bread… 

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Purple Cancer Fighting Smoothie


This purple smoothie is a fall-friendly beverage, as it contains a secret, nourishing vegetable that is typically harvested in the fall and loaded with immune boosting properties and cancer preventing components. If you haven’t guessed it yet by the picture, this particular vegetable is red cabbage. Cool season vegetables include most of the cruciferous types, which typically store well… 

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