Enriching Benefits of Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot kernel oil is truly a versatile oil that is very beneficial for our skin. I use it regularly since it is very nourishing and moisturizing. Our skin is an organ after all, so it’s important to treat our skin naturally, the healthy way. Unfortunately, many creams and lotions are filled with synthetic fragrances, carcinogens, and other harmful ingredients, which are all horrible, as our skin absorbs these toxins into our body.  Apricot kernel oil is rich in both vitamins E and A, as well as essential fatty acids. Due to these nourishing components, apricot kernel oil is perfect for soothing irritated, premature, aged or dry skin. It’s a natural oil that is perfect for use on any skin type.

Since this oil is so moisturizing, it’s great to use all over the body after showering. It’s also gentle enough to be used for the most sensitive skin, and it can even be applied to the face, as it’s known to retain our skin’s elasticity and clarity.20130110-151130.jpg

Most oils tend to remain on our skins surface, leaving it feeling heavy, with an oily residue. Apricot kernel oil is light and gets readily absorbed into our skin, leaving it feeling soft. The nourishing, moisturizing and revitalizing properties of this oil makes it perfect to use as a carrier oil in massage, and aromatherapy therapy, when combined with various essential oils. It’s even a great natural oil to use for hair treatments to moisturize and strengthen the follicles, which will in turn prevent hair loss.

As it states on the back of the oil’s bottle, this oil is 100% pure in botanical ingredients, not tested on animals, contains no synthetic ingredients and is paraben and petroleum-free. Most skin-care products are put through various bleaching, or deodorizing processes that literally “swipe away” all of the essential components.

The apricot kernels are dried and then cold-pressed to extract the oil. This method retains the oil’s nutritional content. In case you’re wondering, apricot kernel oil has nearly no scent and is lightly coloured. It’s definitely worth switching to, to ensure natural and healthy skin care.

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